LAA Welcomes New Experimental Aircraft Category

16th November 2015

The LAA has welcomed the launch, on Monday 16th November, of the new CAA CAP 1220 covering the operation of Experimental aircraft on ‘E conditions’. The Association has been closely involved from the outset, working with the CAA, the Royal Aeronautical Society and the BMAA on the initiative to stimulate the design and manufacture of light aircraft in the UK, by providing an easier route to getting a prototype or modified aircraft cleared temporarily for flight evaluation.

Francis Donaldson, LAA’s Chief Engineer said ‘LAA welcomes this new method of clearing aircraft for flight test, which we hope will encourage UK designers to come up with some interesting new designs. It will allow them to be tested under controlled conditions, but without the need for every aspect of the design to have first been approved by the CAA or a CAA approved organisation. Under the E conditions process, the responsibility for safety lies entirely with the person running the programme, allowing new concepts to be tested more quickly and giving the innovator better control over both project timescales and cost’.

The fundamental principle of an operation under E Conditions is that a Declaration is filed with the CAA by someone who has met the requirements for an E Conditions competent person and who will take sole responsibility for the safe conduct of the entire experimental test programme. The new CAA process allows professional qualifications granted by the Royal Aeronautical Society to provide one route to competent person status. Alternatively competencies can be assessed by the LAA and BMAA.

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