RAeC Welcomes David Monks as Chairman

31st August 2018

At the meeting of the Royal Aero Club Council in August, David Monks was appointed as the new Chairman following Patrick Naegelis decision to stand down after six very successful years in post.  David is also Chairman of the Helicopter Club of Great Britain and has served on the RAeC Council for a number of years as HCGB Delegate.

Following his election, David commented "Whilst the role is a position of privilege, I see it very much as a responsibility and it will have its challenges - something I am very much looking forward to".


Davids aims and objectives for the Club are as follows:

Represent member associations on key matters concerning airspace and regulatory issues.

Co-ordinate the resource and knowledge within associations regarding CAA permissions and regulations for competitions.

Position the Royal Aero Club to become more influential within FAI.

David is a helicopter pilot and has fronted helicopter sport flying in the UK since 2005 adopting new and exciting changes to make it a crowd facing race based spectator sport, the UK was the first country to adopt the format which has given helicopters a new direction.  He has flown in competition since 2000 and continues to do so representing the UK on the world stage and is currently introducing a trans Atlantic race series for 2019. Flying is very much his passion and he is a firm believer of encouraging others to fly.

He is the UK delegate for rotorcraft (CIG) in FAI and the current chairman of the Helicopter Club of Great Britain.

 David is professionally qualified as an electrical engineer.

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